Setting up your Outlook Express


  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Choose Tools
  3. Left Click “Accounts”
  4. Choose “Mail” Tab

  1. Click “Add”
  2. Choose “Mail”

7.      Type in the Name of the person as you want to appear in the ‘From” column in the receivers e-mail program

  1.  Click “Next”


  1. Type in your e-mail address
  2. Click “Next”


  1. Make sure that POP3 is selected
  2. Type for Incoming Server and for Outgoing Mail server
  3. Click “Next”

  1. Enter your account name - ***NOTE*** this is the login for your account NOT your e-mail address (account names can only be 6-8 characters long)
  2. Enter your password (account holders)
  3. make sure “remember password” is checked or else you will have to login every time you run outlook express ***NOTE*** be sure that it is NOT checked if the machine is used for multiple users.
  4. Click “Next”


  1. Click “Finish” – WE ARE NOT DONE!!!

  1. You should have something that looks like this – (without the Hotmail account)
  2. Left click the line to highlight it

  1. choose “Properties”




  1. Check to be sure info is correct


  1. Check to be sure info is right ***NOTE*** this is where you would change account name and/or password should either of these change.
  2. Do nothing with connection or securities tabs – there is nothing you can modify without Technical Support.


  1. check the info on this screen
  2. left click under the delivery line and modify to 10 days
  3. Blue arrow is to be adjusted longer for slow dial-up connections.
  4. Click “Apply” then “OK”

  1. Click “Send/Recv” to get mail


Recommended “OPTIONS” Settings

  In Outlook Express click "Tools" >> "Options"

The following is recommended option settings for optimal performance on a Broadband connection (DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, Ect.)